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About us

Who we are


We are operating worldwide, providing great shipping experience to our clients.

About us

ADA Logistics, Corp. understands that all customers have different needs. Our team of specialists will work with you to create the best solution that meets your individual needs. The company was founded to provide a specialty in freight handling and shipping. Over time, we have evolved as a company with a highly integrated network of people, technology, and physical assets. We use our network to help customers manage their goods more efficiently throughout their supply chains.

Our objective is top-quality performance, custom-designed to suit our customers. The main strength lies in our familiarity with the US market combined with our knowledge of global business requirements. This integration offers our customers obvious advantages: international transport solutions from a single source.

From the Southlake, TX headquarters, our employees spread the company’s values, which are the key to our success. The most important are: Safety, Dedication, and Reliability.

Choosing ADA Logistics, Corp. for your partner gives you a consistent, reliable, safe & secure supply chain, reduces your overall cost & exposure while guaranteeing an edge over your competitors.

We have a proven track record and operational skills in Global Freight Forwarding, Projects and Heavy Lifts, Transport Engineering, Chartering, and Shipping Operations. Our logistics team focuses on providing customized solutions and services to various industries every single time.

Inform us about your needs, and we will make it happen. Your freight – our priority!

Ground shipping

ADA Logistics, Corp. offers you shipping that gets your shipment on time to its destination, using the highest possible transportation standards available.

Throughout the powerful network of our carriers operating all over the USA, our fleet offers ground freight pricing on full and partial trucking services worldwide. The company’s major advantage is the understanding of the complexity and unpredictability of the market.

Technology and data management play an important role in the transportation industry and our team is committed to providing cutting-edge technical resources.

Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies for the organization and transport control, we strive to deliver services to our clients by observing the highest standards of service. The real contribution is shown in real-time tracking and notifications, as well as in access to invoices and statements to keep you moving fast and efficiently.

ADA Logistics, Corp. assists you every single step of the way and guarantees you a stress-free move.

Large projects

If you import goods from the USA, the EU, China, India, or the Middle East to the United States, we can help and support your business!

ADA Logistics, Corp. will help you transport your larger loads reliably and with care. We take great pride in our commitment to a program of utmost compliance in all matters relating to federal transportation programs, rules, and regulations. Our past performances prove it.

In addition to transporting your cargo, we offer many other services to serve our customers better, including Warehousing, Storage, Cross Dock, Consolidations, and Strategic Load Planning and Brokerage Services.

Air freight

Shipping overseas or cross-border is not a big deal if you have the right freight-forwarding partner. ADA Logistics, Corp. specializes in providing international air freight forwarding services to both large and small companies.

The headquarters are in Southlake, TX, which is ideal for providing worldwide Export and Import services. Specialized experience and knowledge in the field of international airfreight shipping will help expedite the handling of your valuable loads.

The company’s operators are linked with all major stakeholders in airlines, consolidators, customs, and excise.

Contract logistics

Trust the experts at ADA Logistics, Corp. to provide you with the best services and options on all your freight shipping. We efficiently handle activities such as designing and planning supply chains, warehousing, transporting and distributing goods, processing orders and collecting payments, managing inventory, and even providing customer service. For us, contract logistics is defined as the comprehensive process from production to distribution and at the final point – sale. When you operate a business on an international level, logistics management is an essential element of creating a sustainable competitive advantage.


ADA Logistics, Corp. will always provide competitive warehouse service and supply operations to ensure that our customers distribute their service on time. From our experience, we learned to meet and fulfill the needs of our customers, but also to meet the needs of their customers. We have become a trusted name in the industry and are engaged in offering secured and excellent warehouse services.

ADA Logistics, Corp. uses high-end equipment in this industry as a productive asset. The type of equipment depends on the mode of transportation. Our company provides high-quality warehousing operations and they are compatible with storing any type of cargo. The company’s warehouse services framework helps in controlling and optimizing logistics costs with the appropriate service rates and a competitive advantage for our clients.

The modes of transportation are air, water, and road.

Consulting services

ADA Logistics, Corp. provides a customized logistics service to all kinds of businesses. We tend to have a modern perspective because traditional approaches cannot overcome the obstacles faced by logistics service providers. Consulting services will give you a framework of the types of services we provide, from the top (strategy) to bottom (implementation). Our extensive background in fleet operations, warehouses, and supply chains will assure you that we know what it takes to make things work.

Ocean freight

ADA Logistics, Corp. has an in-depth understanding of complex overseas markets and the dynamics of specific trades. The company’s range of logistics services includes pick-up and delivery, domestic and international shipping, “port” or “door to door” with full other services. Shipping via sea can be customized in order to fit your time schedule and budget. For us, overseas transportation is very important because it has been the largest carrier of freight throughout recorded history.